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Our History

Go into the world...

In 2004, Patricia Burnett, Co-Founder was given a vision from God to begin the Anointed Feet Praise Dance Ministry with Co-Founder Valerie Parks at the church they were attending.  In 2006, God had expanded the vision for the ministry to be taken to the community and we opened our doors to the community by establishing a partnership with the Mathews-Dickey Boy's & Girls' Club. In 2007, we were officially a Non-Profit 501c3 Organization and hosted our first Annual Sacred Evening With Anointed Feet Dance Presentation.  In 2009, we were asked to bring our classes to the Illinois, Fairveiw Heights, Illinois Region and began offering classes in ballet, tap, and praise dance.  In 2009, we received a $14,000.00 grant from United Way Agency to partner with Dr. Joyce Johnson, Pediatrician in St. Louis to implement the Dr. J's Health & Nutrition Program for the members of Anointed Feet and the community. By 2010, we moved our classes in Illinois to the Jackie Joyner-Kersee Center and added music as a part of the instruction. In 2010 we moved into our main site on Shepley Drive and went into another Divine covenant partnership with Next Generation Ministry in North County on Lilac.  In 2010, we began our second annual fundraiser “Pancake Breakfast” for family, friends and community partners. This fundraiser assisted with providing scholarships. In 2011, music instruction was added to the classes in Missouri and we began offering violin, piano, voice and clarinet and in 2012 the music department hosted it's first presentation titled, “Hillel, Hillel, Hallelujah!”


In 2012, God once again expanded the vision and we implemented the Anointed Feet Sports Department (Anointed Hoops Teams) which gave birth to Anointed Hoops Boy's & Girls' Basketball Teams.  In 2013, we went into partnership with the East St. Louis, District 189, Katy Wright Elementary School to produce a play/musical titled, "Don't Bully Me".  We received a $5,000.00 grant to aid in the implementation of the play/musical performed by the students of the Katy Wright Elementary School. This play/musical was presented by the Katy Wright Elementary School students and depicted the various situations middle school children face when encountering bullying. This launched once again another aspect of the vision, "drama" and will also be produced with various organizations, schools and churches throughout the Metropolitan St. Louis Area and abroad. In 2014, AF produced a play with the Katy Wright Elementary School, titled “It Takes A Village”. In 2014, Anointed Feet hosted it's first Praise Dance Workshop, "An Experience for Your Mind, Body & Soul", at the Jackie Joyner-Kersee site in East St. Louis, Illinois. There were 60 participants in attendance.


We have made many covenant relationships with many pastors, churches and organizations and consider them all a blessing from God. In 2017, the vision for Anointed Feet was expanded to Tennessee by Shasmond Burnett, daughter of Co-Founder Patricia Burnett. She began the Tennessee Revelations Ministry that has ministered throughout Tennessee and abroad. In 2018 Tennessee hosted it’s first workshop to the community of Tennessee and had over 50 attendees. In 2018, AF began a percussion program titled “BEATS” which featured the males of AF. In 2019, Tennessee began offering classes to youth so that the vision and legacy can continue and expand. Tennessee currently offers classes to ages 3yrs – adult. In 2020, Anointed Tennessee released our first video which featured the Tennessee dancers.


God has truly blessed Anointed Feet and because of this we are requested 3-4 times per month to minister in dance and music in the community and abroad. Since our inception we have always served as consultants to other churches dance ministries, such as Jerusalem COGIC, Trinity Full Gospel, The Ark of Safety, New Life in Christ, Community Centers, Schools, Nursing Homes, Family Events and many more. Our basketball program is expanding to offering boys' basketball and more girl teams.  Our desire is to continue offering classes to the lost, under-privileged youth and general community.

We have been blessed to have an awesome team of Volunteer Staff, Instructors, Parent Volunteers and more. Anointed Feet continues to offer our services at a low cost. In 2021, we were asked to begin our Program at the St. Louis Dream Center in the north city community. In 2021, Anointed Feet released our second dance music video which featured the Anointed Feet Teen Ministry in Missouri. Our videos are used to reach a broader audience of youth and show how our children can serve God and change lives. AF not only change the live of the children and audiences we serve but we change families as well. It has been by the hand of God, instructors, volunteers and parents that we have been able to offer our programs for 15 years in the community and why our programs have been such a success!

Our Approach

We're on a mission...

Our method is simple. Inspire, Connect and Empower.  Anointed Feet uses the arts to inspire our youth to go after their God given purpose.  Our students learn how to connect with God in their own way which gives them...

  1. A greater sense of who they are
  2. Purpose and discipline to pursue it
  3. Godfidence - the courage to stand up for what they believe in and be who they are called to be

AF's Vision:

While always placing God at the head of all we do; AF's vision is to be a Christian Community Ministry/Organization that provides services in the arts, sports and education. To build a facility that houses all departments in order to provide the best spiritual guidance as God leads. To have staff, board members, instructors, volunteers and donors who will actively, passionately and with the love and direction of God do all they can to ensure that God’s vision is accomplished.


AF's Mission:

Anointed Feet's mission is to saturate all areas in which we reside and abroad as God leads us.  To be a resource to the community that will help those in need. To help youth to build a relationship with God. To teach youth to make Godly decisions that will transcend through all areas of their life.


AF's Purpose:

Our purpose is based on Romans 12: 2 & 1, (2) Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good and acceptable word of God. (1) I beseech ye therefore brethren to present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable and pleasing to God. Anointed Feet will use God's principles in the programs we offer in unique and creative ways to continuously teach our members how to transform and renew their minds, which will lead to a strong and successful relationship with God.  They will learn to be examples of what it means to have a sound Christian Character and prove what is good, acceptable and pleasing to God in their behavior, actions and speech.